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Watch out the Trojans!

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                                    By Aron Tewolde

With the current digitalized world, there is a probability of Trojan-malwares everywhere. Thus the system should have to be ready at a time, to defend itself against the Trojans, unless it will fall a victim. The Trojan has a tendency to infect a part of system first, if not properly contained at its early stage, it has a potential of infecting the whole system as well with huge impacts. There are different forms of Trojans, for instance, a virus which affect a computer system has a potential of destructing a system. Similarly, there are Trojans that have capable of infecting the wellbeing of the society and the function of government, such as peace, sovereignty, law and order, etc.

Hence, governments, people and citizens of a country should take necessary measures so as to eliminate or reduce the impact of Trojans. The government, in particular, is supposed to ensure law and order against the Trojans that risks the law and order of the people and the government. In fact, defending sovereignty and dignity of a given nation against any threats, defines what a government stands for at its outmost level. Whenever a threat to a system (sovereignty) arises the government in charge of ruling a given nation should have to take measures. Though, the measures might differ based on the type and the magnitude of the threat – it needs clearing the Trojans for the sake of the system. Unless, a given government serve such purpose its existence will be meaningless, and the Trojans will trick it to take the system down to impose their evil interests.

It is with this metaphor, that the context of the ongoing operation to restore law and order in Tigray Region shall be considered. The TPLF Junta, as Trojans has poisoned the Tigray region and Ethiopia as a whole with its infectious behavior and action. They are deliberately propagating their level best to trick or mislead not only the people of Ethiopia but also the international community with a lot of misinformation and disinformation. Few of them tries to capitalize on lies via public owned broadcasting media, especially Tigray TV – which is in the hands of the Junta for a time being. They tried to intimidate the youth with false narratives to serve the Junta’s mission to destabilize and challenge the very existence of Ethiopia as a nation.

The ambition of these shameless Trojans do not end here. Rather, it salivate to trick and mislead the international community and organizations at large with their pre-existing patronage of networks and satellites. They took the advantage of social media platforms as a tool to post series of fake news. Since their basic objective is all about destabilizing the nation to serve their narrow and greedy nature, regardless of the truth on the ground. That is why few of them gave opposing views on the same issue on international media. What one of such agent said on another and France 24 about the massacre in Mai Kadra is an ideal sample for what the TPLF Trojans are capable of. Though, the reports of Amnesty International and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission stated that the massacre was undertaken by TPLF security forces, the TPLF Junta agent gave different views on the massacre in Mai Kadra to scapegoat its planned massacre. Though, the claims were against the truth on the ground, he didn’t hesitate to cover the horrible acts of the TPLF Junta against humanity-which is the act of tricking and misleading

Though they are trying to mislead and trick, it is obvious that the international community will not be tricked and fall a victim of the Trojans simply. However, there are evidences that few international and reputable Medias are within the trap of TPLF Trojans. Though there are other scenarios to analyze why the BBC engaged in such act, BBC Monitoring seems to be the latest victim, it will not end here. It is possible to say that, perhaps the TPLF’s Trojans are the one who were behind the tweet from BBC Monitoring, on 25th of November 26, 2020, in which it tweeted something which was never said by quoting Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, it apologized and deleted the tweet later.

Most of the replies indicated that there are correspondents who are purposely trying to defend the TPLF clique in BBC. The reply section of the tweet supports what mentioned above, which admits the existence of TPLF’s Trojans everywhere.  Some of the comments read “clear the house, Pity to see @bbc being abused as such,…there are TPLF paid operatives & incompetent cadres in BBC’s different division? Would you also be looking in to it?  Disinformation @BBCMonitoring,….correspondents are purposely misleading you and the international community,…misinforming the mass. You did good job on disinforming BBC….” and the reply goes on. There is no doubt that such incidents might destruct the credibility and impartiality of the media. Therefore, it needs to watch out the Trojans for the sake of self if not for others. Thus, whether it is media, government, organization or an individual it is clear that there exist the possibility of trick and attack of the Trojans.    

To conclude, since the very existence of these Trojan Horses depends highly on the breath of the TPLF Junta at the cost of more than 110 million citizens, they are trying to inject and infect others with fake news, as much as possible. This is carefully planned by the TPLF Junta to organize the people against the ongoing operation and to engage international community by tricking them.  Therefore, it is advisable to watch out the TPLF Trojans!

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