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Restoring Law and order – not an option rather an Obligation

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It has been around two and half years since the new leadership came to power in Ethiopia, which opened a new chapter in the history of Ethiopian politics. In the last two and half years different reforms were introduced. These reforms were aimed to widen the political space and to ensure inclusiveness in all areas of life. In this regard, political prisoners were released without preconditions; political parties and individuals who were out of the country were allowed to enter the country to pursue their political activities in a democratic way and etc… These measures were taken as a departure in the history of Ethiopian politics, and marked new political environment for the political forces and the people of Ethiopia.

Though the reforms were applauded by many political forces and people of Ethiopia, except TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front), which was the dominant member party of the EPRDF (Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front), which undermine the efforts of the reform. Since the reforms were seen as an obstacle to their long standing practices of dictatorship, looting and mismanagement of the economy as well as its violation of human rights. The TPLF opted to use all available means to further destabilize the country by organizing, illegally arming, and financing different groups.

The government was tolerating enough and has tried all possible means to bring them to the table for negotiation to ensure peace, stability and democracy. The Federal Government exhaustively used all available means to solve the difference peacefully. Among these, the government welcomes the efforts of   the Ethiopian elders and religious leaders to facilitate negotiation between TPLF and Federal Government. However, TPLF had refused and instead continue to sponsor the killings of innocent citizens in different parts of the country which include the recent incidents happened at Gurafarda, Guliso and Metekel.

Moreover, they have taken the patience of the Federal Government as an opportunity to conduct an illegal election by defying the decision of House of Federation to postpone the election due to Covid-19. Though, there was high pressure on the government to take measures against the criminal elements of TPLF, the Federal Government only takes legal actions. Against all odds the Federal Government preferred to solve the problem and to bring the criminal elements of TPLF to justice in a legal and peaceful means. The patience was in fact the cost paid to transform the political culture of the nation, which was painful.

To the shock of all of Ethiopian, the TPLF Leaders decided to attack the National Army, North Command which was basing in Tigray region for more than 21 years in the first week of November 2020. The army was the guardian of the region and the nation against any possible external attack. It was also known for its contribution and participation in developmental activities which include building schools, roads and helping farmers. However, the criminal junta of the TPLF decided to upgrade their cruelty by attacking and looting the command for no reason, rather than mere dream to bring instability and chaos to the whole country. They targeted and attacked non-Tigrian members of the command. This was aimed to provoke identity based crisis and chaos in the nation and to use the weapons looted against the capital and other regions, though they  totally failed rather the people of Ethiopia stands together to denounce the attack.

Though some were mentioned above, the cruel deeds of the TPLF were numerous. Among others when the TPLF decided to attack the national army they had already crossed redlines. Bringing such criminals before justice and protecting the citizens from TPLF’s cruelty is necessary. Restoring law and order is not an option for the government and people of Ethiopia rather it is an obligation. It the mandate and duty of the government to maintain the sovereignty of the country as well as protecting the safety and well-being of the citizens.

Thus, the operation undergoing in Tigray region is about restoring law and order in the region by making these criminal junta of TPLF accountable for their cruel acts for the last 27 years in general and for the last two years in particular. In addition, it is also about liberating the Tigriyan people from the hands of these criminal junta. The Tigriyan people deserve peace and development as well as democracy like other citizens of Ethiopia.

The criminal junta of TPLF believe that if democracy is ensured in the region and in Ethiopia, it will be against their dictatorial practice as well as their looting. They did not have any ambition of accommodating changes within themselves as well as in the country. Therefore, the undergoing operation is all about restoring law and order.

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